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Benoît Vanhoffelen, Music composer


“ A carefully composed music, 
that enlights your story"

Benoit Vanhoffelen is a French music composer for short and feature films, documentaries and video games.

He creates original soundtracks, which reinforce the emotion and narrative of the projects that incorporate his work.

Benoît works in close collaboration with directors, producers and creative teams to offer unique musical compositions.

Passionate about his work, he is determined to provide a high quality result that meets customer needs.

The story began very little, with learning music theory and piano practises, in the music school of Marcy l'Etoile, with a stint at the Lyon Conservatory.

Benoît then studied piano and composition for 10 years, then tried his hand at improvisation, a field that he continues to explore today.

Little by little, he built his musical universe in Paris, through his various artistic encounters and his multiple collaborations: short and feature films, video game studios, escape game rooms and cartoons...

Today he is particularly known for his musical compositions for the role-playing game “Heartless”

(Julien Pirou, Studio Limbic Entertainment), as well as for his music created for the rooms of the successful escape game "Le Donjon" (Paris 9th).

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